Technical Articles/Papers

The following documents can be accessed by clicking on the name of the document. These are provided as Acrobat PDF files

FTNIR Myths.
GI Foundation. What is the GI.
GI of Rice Paper.
Near Infrared Spectroscopy... Background Theory.
NIT Spectroscopy of high fat-moisture foods.
Tech Note. 13. NIR Calibration Theory.
On-Combine Sensing and Mapping of Wheat Protein Concentration.
CSIRO GI Prediction Assay Report on Assay Performance FINAL 17 Aug 2011.
Near Infrared Transmission Spectroscopy in the Food Industry Booklet.
On the go Protein Testing.
NutriScan GI Analyser
On the Go Protein Mapping
Development in on-harvester quality monitoring
On the go protein - Grains Journal
In line NIR monitoring of grain into a flour mill
Benefits of using an On-Combine Analyser
Return on Investment of Using the CropScan 3000H On-Combine Analyser
The Missing Piece of the PA Puzzle
NIR Analysers Farm to Factory Article
2015 Montana Field Trials for On-Combine NIR Analyzer
Case Study 008 Strip Trial Evaluation.pdf
How to Profit from Real-time Protein Mapping
Nitrogen Measurement in the Paddock.pdf
How to Profit from Real-time Protein Mapping.pdf
Nitrogen Removal Maps Collected from Australian Paddocks during the 2015 and 2016 Grain Harves1.pdf
2015 Montana Field Trials for On Combine NIR Analyzer.pdf
Benefits of using an On Combine Analyser.pdf
Grain Journal Yearbook. In-field wheat segregation brings extra protein profits.pdf
Measuring Nitrogen Uptake and Availability in the Field, Grains Journal May 2018.pdf
Measuring Nitrogen Uptake and Availability in the Field V4.pdf
Managing Grain Quality from the Combine.pdf
Penny Drops Book jpeg.jpg
Measuring Protein Directly on Combine, Milling and Grain, Nov 2018.pdf
Protein Nitrogen Yield Balance Brochure 6 p.pdf
Grain Yearbook Article Jonathan Dyer.pdf
Rapid Quality Measurements of Flour and Wheat in the Milling industry.pdf
Making Variable Rate Fertilization Prescriptions Simpler.pdf
Managing Grain Quality Directly from the Combine.pdf
Disrupting Precision Agriculture.pdf
Penny Drops Book A4.pdf
The Next Major Tool for Precision Agriculture - Real-time Protein Monitoring 2 Page.pdf
Real Time Protein Monitoring. The new tool for Precision Agriculture..pdf
Grain protein goals within reach.docx
Tackle grain quality and protein levels better with CropScan 3300H.pdf
Grain protein goals within reach.pdf
New use for Cropscan monitor at harvest.pdf
Data offers soil insights. Stock Journal October 2019.pdf
Farm Weekly Ad and Editorial Oct 2019.pdf
How much Yield will you leave in the Field this harvest (Milling and Grain).pdf
Closing the Yield Gap.pdf

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