The CropScan range of Near Infrared Transmission whole grain analysers are designed to provide farmers, grain traders and grain processors with cost effective instruments for measuring protein, moisture, oil and starch in grains and oil seeds.

The CropScan analysers include portable, benchtop, in line and on combine systems. The CropScan analysers have been designed to suit a wide range of applications. All CropScan analysers are based on a rugged and reliable diode array spectrometer that has no moving parts. As such the CropScan analysers can be used in the field, in a vehicle or inside a factory or processing plant.

The CropScan Range

CropScan 3000X - On Farm Analyser

CropScan 3000B - Whole Grain Analyser

CropScan 3000F - Grain and Flour NIR Analyser

CropScan 3300H - On-Header Analyser

CropScan 3000S - On-Silo Analyser

CropNet - Weighbridge Software

CropNet - Data Management Software

NTAS - NIR Technology Analysis Software

Next Instruments

Next Instruments manufactures a range of innovative analytical and process instruments for the food, agriculture, human nutrition and medical research

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